Injected Stretched Saddlebags

Injected Stretched Saddlebags

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Price: $949.99

These stretched, one piece saddlebags are another great product for building your custom bagger. Bad Dad's Stretched Saddlebags feature a useable 4-1/2" stretch over the factory saddlebag. This Stretched Bag is actually deeper on the inside which means more crucial carrying capacity. Bad Dad's Stretched Bags are a direct replacement for the stock saddlebags and are compatible with all factory lids, hardware, and mounting accessories.

Bad Dad's Stretched Saddlebags are made from our brand new closed injection molds. This quality process produces a Stretched Bag that is just as smooth on the inside as it is on the outside. Bad Dad's RTM process still uses traditional fiberglass mat and resin for the injection process so we are able to make a bag that is just as strong as fiberglass. Additionally, the closed injection method allows us to create a Stretched Bag with a perfectly controlled wall thickness and an interior that is just as smooth as the factory bags. You will love these Stretched Saddlebags, and so will your painter!

What's so special about this Bad Dad product?

  • Direct replacement for factory Harley-Davidson saddlebags, both hard and soft bag styles.
  • Bags come pre-drilled and pre-fit to match factory lids and latches.
  • More carrying space over stock bags.
  • RTM injection creates a Stretched Bag with the strength and resiliency of fiberglass while adding the smoothness and precision of plastic.
  • All Stretched Bags are finished in a primer that is ready to paint right out of the box.
  • Exhaust ports available for single, dual, or no exhaust configurations.

All of Bad Dad's custom parts are proudly made in the USA.

Note: Bad Dad's Injected Stretched Bags can be ordered with your choice of exhaust configuration. Bags ordered without any exhaust opening will need to be custom bodyworked if you decide to cut into the exhaust area of this version of our Stretched Bags.

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